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Overhead garage doors or sectional garage doors are distinct from other garage doors due to their operating mechanism. They contain a series of horizontal panels connected through a series of hinges and these hinges serve as the point at which the panels bend, which results in a folding action. The biggest reason why overhead garage doors are preferred is because of their ability to fold or roll into the ceiling. This saves extra space and you can park an extra car in front of the door without the risk of accidental damage.

Sectional garage doors come in different type of materials and each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages. Steel doors last long but are more prone to corrosion and dents. Fiberglass doors require less maintenance but are not as sturdy as steel doors. Choosing the type of material is important and you should base it on your requirements. United Garage Door Repair Service’s experts can help you choose the best material for your sectional garage door so that all your doubts are eliminated.

We will not only help you with choosing the garage door but we also help you install and maintain your sectional garage door. Since we have materials from a lot of brands, you will always find something that fits your requirement and budget.

For more details about sectional garage doors in Milwaukee, WI area and how they will suit your needs, get in touch with us at 262-320-4618. Our experts will be happy to help you out and discuss possible installation at your home or office.